SPM210304-Von Drakk Manor-Box-Solicit

Baron Von Drakk has pledged the might of his nightmare horde to the Dark Consul. Twisted necromancers of the Dust Covens have plundered crypt and grave, raising legions of armor-clad skeletons and undead abominations to serve their dark masters. The skies echo with the cackle of witches on their brooms as they cast curses on those below. Yet all is not lost. Mighty Heroes of Light have answered the call to defend Crystalia. Infused with the Goddess’s spirit, they stand ready turn back the darkness.

Featuring three new Heroes, dungeon boss, mini-boss, and three spawning points, Level Boxes are the ultimate way to expand your games of Super Dungeon™ Explore!


  • 1x Celestial Herald
  • 1x Von Wilding
  • 1x Von Wilder
  • 1x Sister Of Light
  • 2x Miserable Toad
  • 1x Death Spectre
  • 1x Von Drakk
  • 1x Nocturne
  • 2x Shallow Grave
  • 1x Dust Coven Necromancer
  • 2x Dread Knight
  • 2x Dust Mage
  • 6x Bonehead
  • 1x Pumpkin Patch
  • 1x Crypt Spider
  • 2x Curse Coven Witch
  • 4x Skullbat

These Models are exclusive to the first edition of this box and are now availible through Von Drakk: Ghost House Dungeon Tiles

  • 8x Rattle-Bone


Hero Cards

-Classic Monster Cards-
Dungeon Boss Card

Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

-Arcade Monster Cards-
Dungeon Boss Card

Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

  • Shallow Grave Arcade Spawning Point Card
    • Dust Coven Arcade Gang Card
    • House of Ash Arcade Gang Card
    • Dust Acolytes Arcade Gang Card
  • Pumpkin Patch Arcade Spawning Point Card
    • Crypt Spider Arcade Gang Card
    • Curse Coven Arcade Gang Card

-Items and other Cards-
Dungeon Boss Fight Card

  • Von Drakk Dungeon Boss Fight Card

7x Treasure Cards

Tile Cards

  • Secret Passages 
  • 12x Explore Cards 



This Level Box has two Editions:

  • The original is out of print, featured Rattlebone Models and only had the 1st edition cards for the Heroes and Monsters .
  • The 2nd Editions features updated cards for Classic mode and Arcade mode.

The theme of this box is Glauerdoom Moor

Errata: Cursed Talisman, Replace “makes a defense roll” with “makes an offense roll”.