Many models have unique actions only they can perform. Unique actions are listed on a model’s card or are gained from equipment, potions, and other game effects.

Unique Actions Fall into two categories:

Offensive (Red) - Inflict a single wound if successful.

Support (Blue) - Do not inflict wounds. Instead, they cause special effects to occur, such as inflicting status effects on enemies or helping friendly models.

Each action has a cost listed on its icon indicating how many action points the model must spend to perform the action.

During its activation, a model may spend any number of action points, up to the total listed on its card, to perform any actions available to it. A model may perform the same action multiple times.

Both basic actions and unique actions follow the same rules to perform, as listed below.

  1. Determine Line of Sight
  2. Check Range
  3. Make Offense Roll
  4. Target makes Defense Roll
  5. Compare Results
  6. Resolve Effects