Not even the elves choose to make the Mistmourn Coast their home. Indeed, only the Glimmerdusk Rangers frequent these lands that are perpetually locked in mist and steeped in fae magic. It is no surprise then that many creatures of the Dark Realm sought sanctuary within the concealing shadows of the coast.

Most were driven mad with fright, as the fae creatures preyed on their minds with capricious tricks and deadly pranks. Trolls, however, remained remarkably unaffected-perhaps shielded by their naturally dim intellect. In time they became tolerated by the fae creatures if not welcomed.

The thin veil between worlds along the Mistmourn eventually brought the trolls into communion with their fallen ancestors. Guided by their ancestors' past experiences the trolls grew more cunning, some even attaining a level of brutal intelligence.

Classic Stats

  • Monster Platform: Start

Arcade Stats

  • Type: Spawning Point
  • Crystal Affinity: Sapphire
  • Abilities: Immune: Status Effects, Primal Aura
  • Armour: 1W (Defense)
  • Hearts: 3
  • Spawning Pool
    • 1x Tribal Stone (Spawning Point)
    • 1x Mistmourn Chieftan
    • 2x Spirit Walker
    • 2x Ghostfire Warrior


Classic Mode

The Tribal Stone is amazing as support to other spawners, as well as being full of durable, dangerous models on their own. The models have a diverse Special set, the Ability Tough, and are capable of bogging down a group of Heroes who go after it without preparation. 

While the Mistmourn Chieftain is locked away behind 16-Bit, and the spawner has a great buff, it' worth Spawning to bring one out.

Arcade Mode

[insert tips for play]

Available Through

Mistmourn Coast Warband