During its upkeep, a model with Tough removes a single wound token.

Note: This is not a Heal action and thus cannot remove status effects, but does take effect even if the heroes are not able to Heal (e.g. Arcade Challenge). Tough removes wounds during upkeep prior to status effects such as Fire that deal wounds. This means Tough cannot prevent wounds inflicted by Fire, but it does prevent models with a single heart left from being defeated by Fire since they'd first remove a wound and then suffer a wound, thus staying at a single heart. In SDE 2.0, Fire is removed at the end of the model's activation. Thus Fire can be used as a means of counteracting Tough, but Tough models can typically not be defeated by Fire

Healing effect: Tough is considered a healing effect as it is referenced as such during Hero's Upkeep on P14 Arcade 2.0 rulebook. There has not been clarification whether situations that prevent Heal, also prevent healing effects and thus include Tough. Your playgroup may need to decide what is appropriate for your situation.

Models currently with this ability:

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