Some squares have unique effects, called tile effects. Squares with tile effects have a grey hatched border and an icon that represents the effects of the square. Each tile effect is detailed on a card.

  • Chasm: Models cannot move through chasms. Models can draw line of sight through chasms.
  • Difficult Terrain: Each square of difficult terrain a model enters costs two movement points. If a model does not have enough movement points to move into a square with difficult terrain, it may not do so. If any part of a large based model enters a square of difficult terrain, the move costs two movement points. Do not count squares a large model already occupies.
  • Blessing: A tile effect with Blessing bestows a positive effect, specified on the tile effect's card, to models within the tile. Blessing only affect Hero, elite and minion models.
  • Structure: Models cannot draw line of sight across or move through structures.
  • Fresh Grave: Difficult Terrain, When creeps are spawned for this tile, also spawn one Rattlebone in each Fresh Grave square.
  • Brambles: Poison, Difficult Terrain,
  • Spawn Location: When playing Arcade Mode, spawning points are placed in Spawn Location squares.
  • Goddess: Blessing, Structure, Models that end their activation adjacent to a Goddess structure may remove one wound token.
  • Champion: Blessing, Structure, Models that are adjacent to a Champion structure add 1W to all offense rolls.
  • Sentinel: Blessing, Structure, Models that are adjacent to a Champion structure add 1W to all defense rolls.
  • Secret Passage: When a model enters a Secret Passage square immediately place it in any other unoccupied Secret Passage square in the dungeon. A Large model must be able to be placed in the new location or Secret Passage has no effect.
  • Lava: A model which enters one or more Lava square suffers Fire at the end of the current activation.
  • Frozen:​ ​A model moving into Frozen squares suffers Ice.