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Super Dungeon Explore is a tactical turn-based battle game set in the dungeons of Crystalia. The Dark Consul has created spawning points throughout the dungeon that will create hordes of monsters to ravage Crystalia. The Heroes must race through the dungeon and destroy all of the spawning points in order to summon and defeat the dreaded dungeon boss. The Consul must destroy the Heroes before they succeed.

To be released. Subject to change.


  • Game Box
  • Classic Mode Rulebook
  • Arcade Mode Rulebook
  • 9x Hero Cards
  • Arcade Monster Cards
  • Classic Monster Cards
  • Loot Deck
  • Treasure Deck
  • Game Counters
  • Arcade Command Deck
  • 16x Dice
    • 8x Sapphire
    • 6x Ruby
    • 2x Emerald





The theme of the the box is Dragonback Peaks.

Super Dungeon: 2nd Edition is a reprint of this game with fewer models (New Sculpt) and updated rules.

Explore Cards have been removed.

Pets and Creeps work differently. (See Pet Parade)

An updated version of the Adventure Tracker is introduced, integrating the mighty monster chart in it.

Bosses can now equip 1 newly introduced Relic Card per Spawn Point left when they appear.