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Super Dungeon Legends is a campaign and roleplaying expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. In Legends, Heroes brave a series of adventures as part of an overall narrative campaign. Between adventures, Heroes spend crystals they have earned from their exploits to unlock new skills and abilities or to craft bizarre and powerful artifacts. Legends introduces new and more powerful battle dice and deep tomes of information about the races, realms, organizations, and—of course—monsters that populate Crystalia.

Legends not only provides the tools to build your own adventures, it also comes with two campaigns, each consisting of multiple adventures and an exciting story for your Heroes to take part in. Soda Pop Miniatures will continue to release adventures and campaigns, so you'll never run out of places to explore.



  • Hero Dashboards: prebuilt and generic


  • Super Dungeon Dice: 2x Emerald, 3x Citrine, 3x Amethyst, 6x Ruby, 8x Sapphire, Golden Eye of the Goddess (d20)
  • Hero Handbook 
  • Consul’s Grimoire 
  • Explorer’s Guide 
  • Over 100 game tokens