Spawning is the primary means that the Dark Consul brings his minions into battle.  Spawning occurs at the start of every round of combat in squares adjacent to spawning points.  Every model has a skull value, and a spawning point may only spawn 4 skulls total each round without the use of Skull Counters.

Once the Boss arrives, the spawning points no longer function as a means of spawning, but instead provide an additional turn to the Boss.

Spawning Conditions

Spawning of 8-bit monsters is essentially unlimited.  Other monsters have special spawning conditions.

16-Bit (Mini-Boss) monsters

Once the 16-Bit Skull Counter has been acquired, the Consul may spawn a single Mini-Boss.  In Super mode, another can be spawned once Overdrive is reached.  Mini-Bosses cannot be re-spawned but 8-Bit monsters that have been defeated can.

Super! (Boss) monsters

The Boss is spawned once Super is reached in a 16-Bit game and once it has been reached a second time in Super games.  The Boss is not necessarily spawned next to a spawning point but instead 10 squares away from the Heroes.

Special monsters

Some monsters have specific spawning criteria (Raise, Boo!), refer to their cards for more information.