The Glauerdoom Moor is a grim and foreboding place by any measure. Its fetid fens and marshes remain perpetually shrouded beneath a grey fog. Its great cities have long since faded, their glory reduced to crumbling ruins and sinking towers. The landscape is dotted by vast mausoleums and endless crypts build to house the ver dwindling populations' dead.

Tragically the dead do not rest long. The amethyst power of necromancy infuses the land and the dead sleep uneasily. Their slumber is but a brief respite. Soon their master bids them to rise and take their place in his macabre host.

Classic Stats

  • Monster Platform: Start

Arcade Stats

  • Type: Paired Spawning Point
  • Crystal Affinity: Ruby
  • Abilities: Immune: Status Effects, Bane Aura
  • Armour: 1W (Defense)
  • Hearts: 3
  • Spawning Pool
    • 1x Shallow Grave (Spawning Point)
    • 1x Dust Coven Necromancer
    • 2x Dread Knight
    • 2x Dust Mage
    • 6x Boneheads
  • Gangs
    • Dust Coven Gang
    • House of Ash Gang
    • Dust Acolytes Gang


Classic Mode

The Shallow Grave is okay on its own, but unless you're using the other Undead spawner (Grabby House) and Von Drakk as a Boss other double spawners are probably a stronger pick. It can deal out a LOT of Bane (two models have Ruby Affinity to go with the spawner's buff in addition to the Dread Knight), and all but one model comes with the Bone Pile Ability: It leaves a remnant that can be turned into ANY Bone Pile model in the spawn pool. 

Everything but the Necromancer is 8-Bit, which lets it start with a LOT of models on the table.

Arcade Mode

[insert tips for play]

Available Through

Von Drakk Manor