It may be April Fools Day, but this mini boss is no joke! Third in our masterclass resin miniature series for Super Dungeon Explore is Randy, Lrod of Spiders! This made-to-order offering is available for pre-order throughout the month of April 2018 only! Get yours now!

Randy lrod of spiders png

The last galaxy is a place where mighty knights clash with the forces of the void, and a battle for survival rages. But that doesn't mean that the arcades will manage themselves. Randy has been charged with the sacred duty of managing one such arcade. Annoyed at customers who continually vaporize his place of work with high tech weaponry, Randy decided to program himself into his favorite game. But a typo prevented him from being a proper lord, even in a game...

What's more terrifying than a mini boss roaring down at you with clear intent for destruction? One that is laid back in a hammock eyeing you with mild annoyance for having disturbed him. We all know it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.


  • 1X Randy, Lrod of Spiders


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