This page defines what potions are.

Check HERE for a complete list of potions.

The maximum number of potions a model can carry is indicated by the Potion Quantity on their card. When a model gains a potion through dice roll or other effect, place a potion token on their card.

Potions grant the model a free single-use action. Resolve the action exactly like a normal action that cost no action points.

All potions have a cost listed on its icon indicating how many potion tokens the model must spend to drink the potion.

To drink a potion, remove the indicated number of potion tokens from the model´s card, then resolve the effects of the potion.

A model may drink one potion during its activation. That potion can be of any type.

A model may drink a single emergency potion during the Consul Turn.

A model may never drink a potion to interrupt a dice roll or affect a dice roll that has already been made, unless the potion indicates otherwise.

There are three types of potions:


Sharing Potions

A Hero is not restricted to drinking only the potion(s) listed on their card. A Hero may share their potion with another Hero.