Pets are creatures of Crystalia that have joined a Hero in order to help fight the forces of the Dark Consul. Each pet has a specific Hero as their Master, and they are bonded through loyalty and duty. Perhaps the Pet was once held captive by the Consul and is repaying a debt to the Hero that rescued it. Or maybe the Pet was once a lonely farm animal that has been inspired to greatness by their Hero. Or perhaps a Hero simply has a knack for making friends with adorable forest creatures. Whatever the reason, Pets heed the call of their Master.

To be Released. Subject to Change.



Pet Cards:

Creep Cards:

Arcade Plot Deck:

  • Creep Party
  • Hidey Holes
  • They Smell Our Snacks!
  • This Rock Repels Creeps
  • The Tracking Spell
  • They’re Coming! Set The Traps!
  • Essence Drain
  • You Shall Not Pass
  • Guardians
  • Empowered Monsters
  • The Creeping Pestilence
  • Rust Fiends
  • Hidden Forces
  • Stolen Destiny
  • Give Them Nothing

Classic Plot Deck:

  • Blessings of Strength
  • Terrible Protection
  • Servants of the Consul
  • The Legions Gather
  • Overwhelming Power
  • The Blood Ritual
  • Obscenity Against the Goddess
  • Spies in Every Corner
  • The Summoning Stone
  • Gather the Forces
  • Noxious Gas
  • Acid Fog
  • Hall of Champions
  • Immortality Potion
  • Endless Creeps
  • Life for Life
  • Call the Lightning
  • Highway Robbery
  • Armies from the Grave
  • The Untouchable Tower
  • Brain Leeches
  • Chosen by the Consul
  • Suit Up
  • Dark Channeling
  • Death Approaches


  • Pet Camp/Prison Dungeon Tile 


  • Pet Parade Rulebook
  • Token Sheet Pet cards for previously released pets. This will include all previously released pets. 


New Cards and rules are introduced for Pets.

Squigglies are introduced in this box but only in the form of tokens.

The Ghost card included has an errata for Extra Scared.