Mistmoun coast warband

The Mistmourn Coast is a haunted land perpetually shrouded in mist and gloom. Few creatures dare call this realm home, for the fickle fae creatures that dwell within are capricious and prone to deadly pranks. The troll tribes that dwell here are surprisingly intelligent for their kind, and have developed a deeply shamanistic society.

This warband is perfect for expanding your games of Super Dungeon Explore or as a warband for your games of PVP Arena.


  • 1x Mistmourn Shaman
  • 1x Salt
  • 1x Tribal Stone
  • 1x Mistmourn Chieftain
  • 2x Spirit Walker
  • 2x Ghostfire Warrior
  • 1x Salt Pillar
  • 2x Mist Hound
  • 6x Sorrow


Hero Cards

-Classic Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

  • Salt Classic Mini-Boss Card

Monster Cards

-Arcade Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

  • Salt Arcade Mini-Boss Card

Monster Cards

-Items and Other Cards-
Treasure Cards

  • Pinch of Salt