A model with Fly treats difficult terrain, chasm, and structure squares as open squares. All non-blessing tile effects in those squares are ignored. Structure squares do not block line of sight to or from models with Fly.

Line of Sight: A model with the Fly ability ignores all models and structures when determining line of sight, regardless of the model’s base size. Likewise, any models attempting to draw line of sight to a model with the Fly ability ignore intervening models and structures for the purposes of determining line of sight.

Note: A model with Fly may end their movement above an open chasm or structure square, but not a friendly model. Likewise, a model with Fly cannot move through enemy models nor end their movement on top of one. A model with Fly must stop movement on a square they consider open before performing actions

There is no current SDE 2.0 ruling regarding what happens if a model with Fly is above a chasm or structure square and loses it (e.g. buff is lost during upkeep, loses the equipment that grants it, model granting Fly is defeated, etc.). Popular play is to Place the model on the closest adjacent square of the model controller's choosing and have it suffer a Wound.

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