Classic Mode

A model suffering Fire suffers one wound during its upkeep.

Arcade Mode

A model suffering Fire suffers one wound during its upkeep.

Note: Monsters defeated by during the Consul's turn from effects like Fire do not drop Loot with the exceptions of Spawn Points (which are typically immune to Fire). Monsters that drop Treasure will still drop Treasure if defeated by Fire.

Fire deals damage during a model's upkeep at start of activation after effects that may Heal or remove wounds such as Tough. As such, a model with Tough may never be defeated by Fire, but Fire can neutralize their Tough ability.

Fire vs Massive Damage and Critical Success: Fire is similar to Massive Damage and Critical Success in that it can typically be viewed as dealing an additional wound. It is typically inferior to both as many models are immune to Fire, the wound is delayed until the model's upkeep, and Heroes can Heal or Remedy Fire on an allied hero before it deals its wound. In most cases, Massive Damage and Critical Success are preferable as the damage dealt is immediate, but Massive Damage attacks tend to have a high action point cost and Critical Success can be difficult to achieve against high defense targets. Likewise, Fire cannot stack so once a model is inflicted with Fire, so it's more advantageous in most situations to inflict Fire on multiple separate targets to deal the most wounds. The one point where Fire is better than Massive Damage and Critical Success is that it is not affected by Sturdy since the wound is dealt separately from the attack.

FK vs 2.0: Fire is less deadly against monsters and heroes in SDE 2.0 since status effects are removed at the end of model's activation, including monsters, who previously tended to succumb to Fire and were only finished off by the Heroes when they wanted Loot.

Actions that cause this status effect:


Models with the Fire ability inflict the above status effect upon a successful attack.

Models with this ability:

Equipment that grants this ability: