The Emerald Valley is a difficult place to find even among the inhabitants of the Fae Wood. It is home of the dragon, Glimmerwing and she protects her realm with powerful glamors and fae magic that conceal it from the rest of the Crystalia. Glimmerwing rarely leaves her secluded vale preferring to spend her time among the Kodama and Kinoko that flourish there. Her reclusive nature should not be mistaken for a desire to live peacefully. Indeed, she guards her domain and its borders ruthlessly. She is often known to leave the Emerald Valley to strike out against any who journey too near, even if the travelers do so unknowingly.

The Silver Chevaliers have long sought glorious causes across Crystalia. Finding and destroying Glimmerwing proves to be just such a cause. After all, what gallant knight could resist the lure of traveling deep into an enchanted forest to slay a dragon?


  • 1x Silver Chevalier
  • 1x Glimmerwing
  • 2x Fungal Growth
  • 4x Truffle Pig
  • 2x Okoshroom
  • 8x Kinoshroom


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