The land of Crystalia

Crystalia is a lush and verdant land of dramatic and colorful vistas, magical landscapes, floating islands, song-blue skies, billowing cotton-white chouds, and endless sparkling seas. The creativity of the Goddess can be found everywhere. The touch of her grace and joy is reflected in the shapes and patterns worked into seemingly mundane growths of trees, the face of a hill, or the spiraling outcropping of rock.

The realms of Crystalia are not just shaped by the Goddess' hand. They are also the home to her children and all the bountiful races, animals, and plants of her creation. Over the generations, the children of the Goddess have shaped the land to suit their needs and to honor the Goddess herself in their own way.

Tragically, the beauty of this creation is marred by the Dark Consul and his minions. There are dark places where Crystalia intersects with the Dark Realm. These lands are mired in blight, chill shadow, raw magic, or worse; raved to suit the needs of the monsters who now call the realm hom.

Indeed, much of Crystalia has fallen to the predation of the Dark Consul's minions. In the west, the Dragonback Peaks were lost to the Ruby Dragon, Starfire. Now, kobolds and drakes run rampant through the rocky passes and caves, while the Dark Celestian, Vulcanis builds an army of fallen angels to assault Celestia and eradicate it once and for all. The once fertile lands of the Glauerdoom Moor and the emerald canopy of Fae Wood have faded to disease. The restless dead walk the cursed lands, and lurking creatures stalk the night, preying on the weak.

The once peaceful lands of Clockwork Cove, and Frostbyte Reach have also been affected by the sinister Dark Consul. To the east, the Arcadian Dunes serve as a grim reminder to all who would fall to the temptation of darkness a once glorious civilization swallowed beneath the sand. At its epicenter stands the Midnight Tower - prison to both the Goddess and the Dark Consul. It remains the source of terrible power. Around the tower swirls the yawning chasm of the Nether Rifts, an open wound in the fabric of reality and a direct portal to the Dark Realm.

Yet, the children of the Goddess stand firm in resolve and faith. The Deeproot Tree's roots stil dig deep and bind Crystalia in the Goddess' embrace. Cities of the free thrive with love and laughter that fills the dwarven halls of Dwarfholm and echoes through the Wandering Monk Mountains. Crystalia Castle reaches to the sky; its bright pennants snapping in defiance, and its people filled with faith that the prophecy will be fulfilled.

Crystalia is the setting for all of Super Dungeon Explore, and where the Heroes face off against villainous foes.