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The Crown Guard warband represents the doughty men and women who join their local village militias, town watches, or regional military. Devoted to combined arms and defense, the Crown Guard can protect weaker monsters around them, shielding them from attacks. Occasionally, the Crown Guard are even forced to maintain the peace against rambunctious Heroes, or—in more dire situations—turn to the service of the Dark Consul. While orcs are ferocious, they are not unintelligent, and the Crook-Eye Tracker has recognized the threat of the Dark Consul, lending his considerable survival and hunting skills to the good of the land.


  • 1x Crook-Eye Tracker
  • 1x Royal Knight
  • 2x Watchtower
  • 2x Sergeant-at-Arms
  • 4x Longbowmen
  • 4x Swordsmen
  • 4x Pikemen


Hero Cards

-Classic Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

  • Watchtower Classic Spawning Point Card
    • Sergeant-at-Arms Classic Monster Card
    • Longbowmen Classic Monster Card
    • Swordsmen Classic Monster Card
    • Pikemen Classic Monster Card

-Arcade Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

-Items and Other Cards-
Treasure Cards

  • TBD


The official name for the Hero version of the Royal Knight has not been revealed yet.